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Intro to Music Summer Camp

Calling all young music enthusiasts! 

Join us for an unforgettable summer adventure at our Intro to Music Summer Camp! 

Not ready to commit to lessons?

Try our awesome new Intro to Music program for just $99

Here’s how it works…

In just 5 weeks your child will learn the basics on 5 of the most popular instruments. PLUS, they’ll get to put it all together, playing them all in a band!

This is a great way to let your child give music a go without needing to commit to ongoing lessons right away.

Here what you’ll get access to:

New Friends

Five 45 minute lessons with a small group of new friends.


Your very own Intro to Music workbook, so that your child can remember all the amazing things they learned in lessons.

Video Library

Free Membership to our All Access online digital learning library
to provide additional support and learning from home.

Rock Band Week

Rock Band Week! Where you'll get to experience rocking out in a band and doing a rockstar photoshoot.


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    What will be the cost of the book or is it included in the program?

    The book is included in the program.

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    What materials will they need at home... Do they need an instrument for the five weeks?

    Since this is an intro to music class. The only thing we require from your child as a teachable spirit.

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    What will the child be able to know by the end of the program?

    We’ve included a checklist of everything that students will learn in the five weeks in their book.

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    How will the teachers keep parents updated about weekly homework or progress in the class?

    Weekly assignments are located in their Intro To Music book.

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    Can parents contact the teacher?

    If you need anything, our administration staff will be happy to help you.

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    Will there be notes sent home?

    Any instruction needed will be provided in the intro to music book.

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    Can I sit in to watch the classes?

    We are unable to have parent sit in class due to our limited space. We do offer a waiting area for a limited number of people with a screen to watch what’s going on in the studio.

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    What is the full fee what's included?

    The full class B is just $99. That includes an intro to music book. A certificate of completion access to our learning library and a super cool button. Videos and photos will be emailed to parents.

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    How many weeks is the program. How many lessons, etc.?

    The class is (5) five weekly 45 minute lessons.

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    What is your policy for missing a lesson?

    We do not offer make up lessons for any classes missed.

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    How do we sign up?

    Simply fill out the form or call the studio to get started with the time that works best for you.

Meet our Musicians Artists Rock Stars

Meet our Rockstars

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